Over more than 22 years in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering occupation , founder Tugay Zorba has decided to found OCZ Marin Engineering and Consultancy Company in June 2016 and  location, in Tuzla , İstanbul , is vital both to us and to our customers . Our company cultivates its unceasing passion for maritime sector . Company is looking ahead without changing the course since its foundation

Through our uncompromising technical experience , we provide our customers with ;

Engineering and Consultancy service that built on a strong foundation , site office engineering service for clients’ ship building and ship repair works , costing and deadline management , determination of the most appropriate and the most competitive shipyard in Turkey , subcontracting of any kind of ship works at offshore or berth , innovative technical solutions in ship works

OCZ Marin company also provides diving service , towing service , floating crane and barge services with several tonnages tugboats , floating cranes and barges .

Furthermore , supply of container lashing equipments , ship launching airbags and yokohoma fenders , smart ship plug and smart ship mooring equipments through the agency of worldwide known companies .

In brief , we love maritime and we live maritime 7/24 . There is always a solution for your unresolvable works in OCZ Marin Engineering and Consultancy Company .

Principle of OCZ Marin is “ Top Quality without Concession” . If you think no solution , wait for OCZ’s invention .


Driven by our core values of Enterprise, Excellence, Integrity, Respect for the individual, and Teamwork, we shall :

  • Provide our customers with consistent and superior service based on professional expertise and systematic operations.
  • Maintain a technologically advanced and continuously innovative solution partners that caters to all kinds of ship repair and shipbuilding needs.
  • Penetrate new markets where our services can contribute value to our customers.